Cancer Detection

Our mission at Elypta is to prevent cancer mortality through earlier detection and closer monitoring  


Liquid biopsies

meet metabolism

We measure metabolic biomarkers in blood and urine and use machine learning to detect signatures of cancer

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Why a liquid biopsy based on metabolism?

Medical imaging and tissue biopsies - the current gold standard in most indications - are ill-suited for close tracking of disease as they are associated with risks, high costs and inconvenience for patients.

Molecular approaches could provide a solution. However, single molecule biomarkers are not sensitive or specific enough for the vast majority of cancers.


Elypta’s approach is to measure a system of metabolic biomarkers - a profile of metabolites found to reflect an important process in cancer - in both blood and urine.

Our learning algorithms then pin down the patterns specific to various forms of cancer using clinical data.

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Elypta is developing a liquid biopsy platform based on a scalable laboratory assay and artificial intelligence algorithms trained by our clinical database.

Elypta proudly sponsors the clinical trial series AURORAX to investigate applications in our lead indication renal cell carcinoma from surveillance of recurrence to monitoring treatment response. We also explore several other indications to understand the full potential for Elypta’s platform. 


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We welcome partnerships with academia to explore clinical applications across indications as well as industry for development of companion diagnostics


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